Interested in Volunteering at Helping Hands Respite Care?

Helping Hands Respite Care appreciates your willingness to volunteer in our and Adult Day Services, Adult In-Home and Child In-Home programs. These programs all involve working directly with clients, all of whom have special needs. Your volunteer coordinator will work with you to create a regular schedule in the right program for you. Your contribution of time and talent to these programs will enhance the experience for our participants, and can be enriching to your life and experiences.
Jenny is a volunteer in the Adult Day Services program. Here she is helping Don line up a shuffle board shot.


Duties might include participating in planned activities, providing assistance at meal time or snack time, providing one-on-one companionship for clients needing extra attention.


Volunteers choosing to help in these programs are asked to fill-out and send back the following application form. Please know that for the safety and confidentiality of our clients, we will be filling out necessary paperwork and conducting a background check of all volunteers approved to work in these programs.




Other Volunteer Opportunities

Retiree, Connie, is a volunteer who helps clean up and organize art room at Breaking Barriers Today program for Helping Hands Respite Care. If you can help keep our organization running smoothly by volunteering to provide occasional help with simple office tasks, pitching in at special events, or participating in our monthly friend-raising events the only qualifications required are a little bit of time and a heart to help. Please download this contact form to fill out and send back.


When you choose to volunteer at Helping Hands Respite Care your time will make a difference in the success of our organization and will be much appreciated by the families and the Helping Hands team.




Learn More about Helping Hands Respite Care

One of the best ways to learn more about all of the programs at Helping Hands is to attend a Walk Beyond the Barriers one-hour information event. This virtual walk occurs on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 8:30 am and the 4th Tuesday of the month at 11:30 am. To sign up to attend a Walk Beyond the Barriers go here, or call 372-6671.
Mail or Deliver your application or contact form to:
Volunteer Coordinator
Helping Hands Respite Care
201 Hillside Court
East Lansing, MI 48823