Breaking Barriers Today Program

Learn More About Our Teen and Young Adult Activity Program


Breaking Barriers Today is a collaborative effort between Helping Hands Respite Care, The City of Lansing Parks and Recreation Department, and Community Mental Health. The activity center is focused on providing a quality experience for those with disabilities ranging in age from 13-50. A gap for programming, specifically for adults from 26-35, has been recognized through several professional agencies within the Lansing Community. This program is Helping Hands Respite Care’s response to filling that gap.


Those who participate in this program will have the opportunity to grow and learn (at the pace dictated by their family) through physical activities, music, art, and social interaction with staff and other participants, including excursions into the community. This is a structured program and it is our intent to keep our attendees engaged in interactive activities a minimum of 70% of the time they are in attendance at our program.


Benefits of Collaboration for Breaking Barriers Today

One of the many benefits of collaborating with Lansing Parks and Recreation is the beautiful building and resources available to our families who choose to participate in the Breaking Barriers Today program. Immersion, or mainstreaming is a top priority, and here at the Gier Community Center where dozens of programs take place, including a summer day camp. It is the intent of our program to take advantage of existing programming at Gier and mainstream attendees whenever and wherever possible.


(Note: Many programs have a fee, and information on programs that will work for your family member will be sent to you on a quarterly basis).