Children’s Weekend Respite House

The Helping Hands Weekend Respite House, which opened in 1995, is located in a quiet neighborhood, next to a Lansing park and within walking distance of a county park. Licensed by the State of Michigan, the Helping Hands Respite House provides a comprehensive daily, out-of-home program, for up to 4 children (or adults over age 18 who have been grandfathered into the program) at a time. Weekends (Friday at 5:00 pm – Sunday at 5:00 pm) are scheduled 2 months in advance.

Occasional Weekday Use of Weekend Respite House

Sometimes the Helping Hands Respite House is open during non-school days for up to 6 children.The care plans developed by the Supervisors and the families are also used at the Helping Hands Respite House for the trained Respite Care Providers to follow.  The weekend program at the Respite House has trained care providers on duty 24 hours. There are also opportunities for the Respite House to be used during the week days for specialized training.

Child with care provider at weekend respite house