“Everyone Deserves and Needs a Break Now and Then”

Cassidy enjoys spending time at the Respite House.

By Dawn Todd, Respite House Supervisor

We love our young people who visit the Respite House! Just as important are the families who utilize our services in order to take a much needed break (respite) over an occasional weekend.

We know it is not easy for caregivers to entrust their loved one to our care without worrying or having some anxiety. Sometimes the stress and tension can be seen in the caregiver’s face and body language as they come through the door and proceed with the weekend “check-In.” The amazing part of this journey however, is seeing the caregiver’s “smile and restful look” as they return for “checkout.” The caregivers see all is well with their loved one and how much they have enjoyed their stay away from home. Those same care giving parents/guardians gladly notice the art projects, baked cakes and talks about the singing and dancing, as well as the many other happenings such as playing outside in the park and taking walks along the trails that surround our welcoming “Respite House.” There is a sigh of relief that only proper “respite” could bring month after month of visiting.

Apparently, our true mission becomes clear to our care giving families when they start to realize everyone deserves and needs a break now and then. From the countless cumbersome responsibilities along with the daily draining environment of providing for loved ones with special needs and timely requirements, respite care naturally becomes a win/win. The children/young adults benefit from the mini reprieve while socializing with others who also are creating new and building lasting friendships with each other, and at the same time, their care providers are able to have that well deserved break.

For more information or questions about the Helping Hands Respite Care’s Respite House, please contact our office at 517-372-6671 and ask for Supervisor, Dawn Todd (Ext. #106)

Cold Outside – Respite House Reminder

Baby Its Cold Outside! Or, It Will be Soon.

Respite House weekend guests, cold weather is fast approaching and it’s time to bring all the gear!
Coats, hats, scarves, boots, mittens and snow pants are an essential part of a blustery respite weekend. Going outdoors and getting exercise can help alleviate anxiety, expend excess energy, and give our clients unique experiences they wouldn’t have otherwise. Not only is it fun to be able to enjoy the outdoors during the cooler months, our licensing requires it!

Over the next few months please plan on providing your child or loved one with the items listed above. If possible, please write their name on the tag to avoid any belongings getting lost. If your child comes back from the respite house missing anything, please contact me in the office and I will attempt to retrieve it for you.

In the coming weeks it will be fun to get outside and enjoy the autumn weather. And even more fun if everyone is dressed appropriately. Thanks for thinking ahead and checking the weather report before you pack up for a Respite House weekend.



Anna Miller
RH Supervisor